best tower speakers under 10000

In order to get the amazing experiences when watching movies and shows on your brand new TVs, and when playing games on your pc. Then the below best tower speakers under 10000 are the perfect choice for you in your budget.

Not only for TVs and PCs, but these tower speakers are also the best choice to stream music from any devices that support Bluetooth and AUG, USB cables under 10000.

You do not need to buy a separate table to place the tower speakers, as you can comfortably place them on the floor of your house and easily connect to the TVs, Computers, and other devices.

Hence the tower speakers, become a great choice in the speaker’s category.

Tower speakers make your home and wherever you use it a home theater.

And many people who are fond of singing, these tower speakers can use it like Karaoke.

Top 5 best tower speakers under 10000

1Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1
2Philips SPA9080B
3F & D t-200x
4Zebronics ZEB-BT7500RUCF
5OBAGE DT-2425
best tower speakers under 10,000

1) Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 tower speakers (under10000)

tower speakers under 10,000
  • Presented by PHILIPS and manufactured by Philips. Philips has a pioneer in the audio industry since the early 1920s.
  • Offer a truly immersive sound experience with crystal clear sound and deep bass.
  • Has 80-watt output with Bluetooth connectivity. And you can also plug and play directly by USB.
  • Has a two-tower speaker with a convertible to soundbar facility.
  • Has a weight of approximately 9 kg, and black in color.

2) Philips SPA9080B

tower speaker
  • Packing the best combination of powerful bass and a range of connectivity in an elegant wooden cabinet.
  • It has wireless Microphone connectivity.
  • Rich sound experience with powerful and deep bass.
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Enjoy music directly from your portable USB devices.
  • FM tuner for radio enjoyment.
  • Total 90W powerful sound output.
  • You can also enjoy Karaoke for endless singing at the party.

3) F & D t-200x TV Speaker

tower speaker under 10000
  • Presented by F&D and manufactured by Shenzhen Fenda Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Beautiful stylish design with white LED high contrast digital display. This provides high contrast digital display which gives you a clear view.
  • Has one woofer and 2 tower speakers and these 2 tower speakers are also work as soundbars. And also has a fully functional remote control.
  • Comes with Bluetooth 4.0 version.
  • Has an uninterrupted FM that works on PLL technology and the speaker stores up to 100 FM stations.
  • You can plug and play through a USB and SD Card reader. Also has Bluetooth support.
  • Has 8 inches subwoofer that gives you a crystal clear and heart-thumping bass.
  • Has analog RCA input cable, used to connect to a variety of audio and video devices such as TVs, computers, Smartphone, DVD Player, etc.
  • Has an output of up to 70 Watts, and has approximately 7 kg weight.

4) Zebronics ZEB-BT7500RUCF

  • Enjoy a breathtaking sound experience with these powerful ranges of Tower Speaker.
  • Whether watching a movie or listening to your favorite audio track, sound comes to life.
  • It has lots of Connectivity options such are Bluetooth, USB, 3.5 MM AUX, FM Radio, SD/MMC Card.
  • It also has Dual Wireless Microphone for Karaoke.

5) OBAGE DT-2425 tower speakers (under 10000)

tower speaker under 10000
  • A treat for Listeners who enjoy clarity and melody (Not perfect for house parties).
  • Give perfect output with the best quality of sound and bass, sound and bass feeling good.
  • DT-2425 does NOT boast of loudness. DT-2425 does not want you to shut your ears. It wants you to shut your eyes and catch every detail of the music.
  • It is certainly not a speaker system to bother your neighbors. It is meant for your personal listening and enjoyment.
  • DT-2425 is already boosted in the lower bass region (40Hz – 60 Hz). Please do not play bass booster songs at full volume. Excess bass is harmful to the longevity of any subwoofer.
  • It is a Home Audio speaker system. It is neither for outdoor areas nor for any parties. It is for those who want to enjoy music with the melody on a low budget.
  • Take care of the acoustics of the room. An empty room will cause an echo effect and bass frequencies will get canceled at certain spots of the room
  • Deep and Real BASS makes it ideal for Bass lovers. The bass does not distort the vocals here. Just take care of the acoustics of your surroundings and DT-2605 will take care of your love for BASS. No background noise during Bluetooth operation. Clean connectivity without hassles.


All the speakers we have mentioned in this article have been included in this list only after thoroughly investigating and testing them.

We never include any product in our list by taking money or sponsorship, we check it properly and if it stands in our good list, then we introduce it to you in our article.

In this article, by examining all the speakers that fall within 10000, the top five speakers have been listed here for you in this list of the best tower speakers under 10000.

While choosing these tower speakers, we have selected the best and powerful base and sound quality speakers. Which are very durable as well, you will not lose a single penny by buying them.

All these speakers connect to every device. And there is no problem in connecting them to any devices.


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Portable Bluetooth speakers have proved to be very good and excellent.

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