Advantages and disadvantages of internet

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of internet, before go to it lets see ‘What is internet?’. Internet is the network of networks. The internet is also known as the NET. The internet consists of thousands of smaller networks that communicate with one another. Basic application of internet are searching, E-mail, Browsing, online chat/video calling, etc. There are approximately 5 billion people everywhere on the planet are internet users currently.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Advantages of internet

The internet is one of the most used invention of the humans. Any one can use internet with internet enabled devices like smartphone, smartwatch, tablets, laptops, computers, and etc.

Now let us see some of the advantages of internet.

1) Communication

Day by day the speed of the internet becoming faster. Nowadays everyone can easily video call each other and enjoy every movements. And we can also use applications like zoom, google meet, for video conferencing or online learning.

2) Streaming

With the help of high speed internet lots of people do live streaming of games or any other niches on their channel or blogs.

3) Entertainment

Their are lots of online entertainment streaming platform for enjoying movies and songs. Like Spotify, prime music for streaming millions of song on any supported device. And also in platform like YouTube, Netflix, prime videos, streams billions of videos and movies.

5) E-commerce

There are lots of E-commerce websites like amazon, Flipkart, and etc are available in the market. You can purchase anything online from your home. You have lots of variety of products to select.

6) Social Network

Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc ate the social network which are widely used for the communication between two or more people. Day by day these are enhanced.

7) Learning

You can learn any thing from anywhere with the help of internet from around the world. Platforms like Udemy, Upgrad, etc are used to learn any topic in which you are interested.

8) IOT

Internet of Things(IOT) means devices are connected with each other and share information with each other with the via internet.

Disadvantages of internet

1) Spam

There are lots of spam email or messages forwarded by the spammer to access the information of the users illegally.

2) Cyber Crime

Cyber crime activities like money frauds, online threatening or harassment is increases day by day due to the increase in the uses of internet.

3) Viruses or Malware

Your systems are get infected by the viruses and damage your important information. These viruses/ malware are broadly transported via the internet.

4) Books are vanishing

Books are vanishing day by day everyone is not interested in reading book. They prefer watching videos or reading a brief tutorial online. Yes reading articles and watching videos is good, but you cant get your perception about the article. For that you need to read your self the book to deeply understand the topic.

5) Not safe for children

Children are addicted of internet and spoil their childhood. And due to the lots of pornographic content available on web, children lost their interest form studies. Also due to this they are involved in lots of illegal activities in childhood.


Above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of internet, but everyone has their own perception and one thing is good for one and bad for other.

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