Simple Factorial Program In C

Factorial program is one of the simple programs that every beginner program needs to understand. Here you find the simplest way for the factorial program in c.

Simple Factorial Program In C Using Function

Source Code:

// simple factorial program in c
#include <stdio.h>

// declation of fact function
int fact(int num);

    // body of factorial function 
    int fact(int num){

    //declration of variables
    int i;

    //for loop to perform factorial
    for(i = num - 1; i < num && i != 0; i--){
        num = num * i;

    //returning the factorial 
    return num;

// main function 
void main(){

    // delaration of variables
    int num = 0, facto = 0;

    // number input statement for fatorial 
    printf("\nEnter number for factorial:");

    // calling fact and and assigne return fact 
    // to the facto variable
    facto = fact(num);

    //statement to print the number with their factorial
    printf("\nFactorial of %d is %d.",num,facto);


Enter number for factorial:4


Factorial of 4 is 24.

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