Applications of Computer

There are lots of applications of computers in the era of computers, so let’s start to read the below article for more information about Computer characteristics and applications.

Introduction to computer

A computer is an electronic device, which can perform arithmetic and logical operations. A computer is a machine capable of solving problems and manipulating data. It accepts data, processes the data and gives us the desired output.

Computer characteristics and applications

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Characteristics of Computer

The major characteristics of a computer are given below

  •  Speed: The computer can work very fast. It takes less than a second to solve any complicated calculation, which would take a very long time if solved manually. The speed of a computer is measured in terms of a microsecond (10-6 part of a second) or nano-second (10-9 part of a second).
  • Accuracy: A computer performs the tasks and gives the result accurately. The accuracy level is determined on the basis of the design of a computer. The error may occur due to wrong inputs or hardware/software malfunction.
  • Calculation: It can perform arithmetic and logical calculations. Even if millions of calculations are to be performed, a computer will perform every calculation with the same accuracy.
  • Storage: A computer can store a large amount of information or data, permanently (until any physical damage). Any information can be stored and recalled whenever required.
  • Reliability: Reliability is the ability of a system to perform its function, repeatedly over a long duration as excepted by the user.

Applications of Computer

Nowadays computers are used in almost every field. We list a few of them

  • School: Computers are being used as a teaching aid in many schools. Presently, Computer Based Training (CBT) packages are available for all subjects. CBT can be used for both self-learning and collaborative learning.
  • Medical field: Computers are extensively used in hospitals for administration, in diagnosing disease, for monitoring the health of patients and surgeries, etc. Computers are also extensively used in biochemical and medical computation for correct patient diagnostics and in research.
  • Ticketing: Bus, railway or airline ticket booking is done through a computer. There is also an online booking facility. The arrival, departure time and other schedules can be checked through a computer. Nowadays there are lots of websites that are providing online ticket booking facilities like IRCTC etc.
  • Bookkeeping: The automation of the bookkeeping task has removed many of the books that were used to record transactions. The software ensures that no entries are omitted from the ledger, by performing the automatic double entry of every transaction. Computer software has also improved the speed at which the bookkeeping can be performed. One of the main applications is in the library.
  • Bank: The entire bank operations are automated. Banks use computers to maintain customer accounts. Cheques are authenticated using computers. ATM counters of banks are totally computer-controlled. Credit card banking is also entirely computerized. Banks also provide lots of home-based online transaction facilities like net-banking etc.
  • Scientific and engineering applications: Computers are widely used in the analysis and design of engineering components. Analysis of electrical networks can be done using computers. Solutions to mathematical problems can be obtained with the help of computers. Computers are also used in developing various software.
  • Entertainment: Today computers are an indispensable part of the entertainment industry. The computers play an important role in composing, editing, recording and reproducing the music and also in creating sound effects, and there is a lot of VFX software used in industry to create virtual effects. And computers also help in creating 3D movies with the help of software. Computers are actively used in sports telecast on television. Action replays and sports analyses are possible with the active help of computers. And also there are lots of live TV shows are broadcast on TV with the help of computers.

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