Best smartphone brand in India

As we all know there is lots of smartphone brand in the world some of them are focus on the India consumer and grow their market in India. Because India has the second-largest populated country in the world and also the second-largest consumer of the smartphone in the world after China. Every company wants to grow there profit and increase there a market in the world.

So smartphone companies are focused on India to grow there profit and market of smartphones. But there is a huge competition between smartphone brands in India, so it is really hard to gain a good position in the Indian market. There are different smartphone brands in India that are best according to there services and quality of smartphones provide to there consumers in India.

There are lots of smartphone companies in the world and some of the companies take Indian consumers seriously and they are satisfying their budget and providing a good quality product at there budget and provide the best smartphone and make there brand more trusty and popular in India.

Here are some of the best smartphone brands in India that providing a quality product with good services. As people find in India the best smartphone that provides good specifications with a good quality product and chooses the best service to provide a smartphone. In India, there is a big competition between smartphone companies to show good quality products. Some of the companies only focus on quality product and some of the companies focus on the performance. Generally, the smartphone brand that provides a good quality product with good performance capture the market of the smartphone in India.

Let’s start with the most selling smartphone brand in India from top to down. and understand when they have founded and there behavior and all other factors in brief.

Samsung Smartphone brand

samsung smartphone brand

Samsung is a Korean company and founded on 1 march 1938 by Lee Byung Chul. It is the largest smartphone selling company in India, Samsung is the oldest smartphone brand in India, that invest their smartphones in India. Samsung does not only a large producer of the smartphone but also it is large produces many devices like TVs, tablets, refrigerators, AC, speakers, laptops, etc. in India.

Samsung gives the best service with the best quality products in India. As Samsung is the oldest smartphone brand in India and it is also one of the trustable brands in India that do not break the trust of Indian consumer of the smartphone. Samsung develops underbudget and overbudget smartphones in India that satisfies their quality and performance.  

Samsung uses Super AMOLED display on there smartphone these types of display best for human eyes and there is no bad effect on the eye on the continuous use of a smartphone. And Samsung also exports its displays to other smartphone brands like iPhone, Sony, etc.

In villages Samsung, mobiles are very popular in India as the old people know the Samsung mobile from recent times and Samsung builds strong trust with their mobiles in villagers. In villages, the people generally use keypad smartphone and Samsung capture a durable keypad mobile market in India villages.

Xiaomi smartphone brand

xiaomi smartphone brand

Xiaomi is a Chinese company founded on 6 April 2010 by Lei Jun. its headquarters in Beijing China. Xiaomi brand is producing a smartphone that is in the budget of the Indian consumer. Xiaomi is known for producing powerful smartphones in budget with the highest specification that is giving in the overbudget smartphone in other brands of smartphones. It is also a producer of other products in India like laptops, tv, etc. Xiaomi is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in India,

Xiaomi focuses on the people budget with there zeel for good specification smartphone from that Xiaomi becomes one of the most selling smartphones in India. But Xiaomi generally provides their lot of smartphones in the online sale and does not focus more on the offline sale of the smartphone.

Xiaomi becomes so popular in India because they have a lot of sponsorship programs in India and spent a lot of money on sponsorship in Indian television shows and a lot of events like sports, technology, etc.

BBK Electronics

oppo brand

BBK electronics founded in 1998 by Duan Youngping in Guangdong, China. BBK Electronics designs and manufacture smartphone and smartphone accessories in china. BBK Electronics owns Vivo, oppo, realme, and one plus. And all the company runs with different CEO’s. BBK electronic become one of the largest smartphone producing company which is producing lots of brands. And their smartphone is popular in India. Vivo and oppo are focus on offline selling in India and for this brand, they are spent a lot of money on sponsorship and these smartphones are generally targeting the budget smartphone in India. And realme is focused on the online selling in India generally realme smartphone are really sell offline, lots of people are buying them online. And one plus is also focused on offline selling and it produces the overbudget smartphone one plus producing smartphone to fight with Apple and Samsung overbudget smartphone in India.

  • Vivo is founded in 2009 by Shen Wei in China. And it also sponsors all the biggest events in India like cricket, kabaddi and tv shows also.
  • Oppo is founded in 2001 by Chen Mingyoung in china and it also produces smartphones in India.
  • Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer company it is founded on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li. The headquarter of realme is in Guangdong, China. It also provides a budget smartphone with over-budget smartphone brand performance.
  • Oneplus is also a Chinese company founded on 16 December 2013 by Pete Lau and Cari Pei. It producing overbudget smartphones in India and it is producing a smartphone with good specifications. But it is not so popular that other BBK Electronic Products.


iphone brand

Apple founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne. iPhone is a product of Apple corporation. iPhone released on June 29, 2007, till that they are producing a lot of iPhones. iPhone is a popular smartphone in the world. And they are launching with their own operating system known as IOS. iPhone provides good services and quality product in India but they are producing over-budget smartphone and it names as the richer people brand in India.

But they are also providing the best performance smartphones with the highest security. iPhone sponsor lots of tv programs and movies in India to make there brand popular among lots of people. iPhone comes under the costly smartphone that is produced in India. Recently there is news come to that iPhone invest money in India and opening its production firm in India.

Sony smartphone brand

sony smartphone

Sony is a Japanese company founded on 1 October 2001. Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, and London, England. Sony also a producer of the smartphone in India. As we all know that sony is known for there camera, and also provide good performance smartphone.

Sony also exports there camera and sensor to other smartphone brands like iPhone, Samsung, etc. Because sony cameras are super powerful and perfect to capture the photos and videos.

Sony general provide overbudget smartphone but also provide a quality product. Recent days sony’s smartphone is not so popular in India but some people are liking the sony smartphone. Sony also the producer of lots of devices like tv, camera, speakers, smartwatches, etc.

Nokia smartphone brand

nokia smartphone brand

Nokia is founded by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, and Eduard Polon on 12 May 1865. Nokia was the most popular phone company in India in recent times. But as the smartphone become smart in the 20th century the Nokia has not adopted the changing nature of phones and its legacy dead in India.

But nowadays Nokia is starting producing smartphones, but it does not capture the market because lots of other brands already capture the market in India. So from this Nokia lost millions of dollars in 2018 and 2019.

we personly use the Nokia smartphone and it giving best quality with good performance, but as in starting it produce smartphone in overbudget of Indian people so it is not able to capture the market and people get better specification smartphone of other brands in underbudget in India.


So these are the best smartphone brand in India that are dominating the other smartphone brand. And no new smartphone brand competes for these smartphone product qualities and performance.

For the people of India, there are huge choices of smartphones from different brands under their budget. So choose your favorite smartphone brand. And become part of the smart world. And people in India focus on the camera and the product style if they are going to buy a smartphone from the market and people are also mainly focusing on their budgets.

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