What is a software process

The software process is the way in which we produce software. And this differs from organization to organization.

Software is the collection of programs, documentation manuals, and operating procedures. Software is used to perform a different type of task and its interface and functionality are different from software to software.

Many software organizations are looking at software process improvement as a way to improve the quality, productivity, predictability of their software development, and maintenance effort.

Why it is difficult to improve the software process?

Software process improvement is the biggest hurdle for any software developer. The SP is the main factor that is responsible for producing the best quality of software that is maintainable. So it is very important to choose a perfect SP.

Few reasons why it is difficult to improve the SP:-

  • Not Enough Time
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Wrong motivation
  • Insufficient commitment
software process curve

Not enough time (software process)

There is forever a shortage of time because upper management is always demanding more software of higher quality in minimum possible time. An unrealistic schedule occasionally leaves insufficient time to do the essential project work.

Lack of knowledge (software process)    

Several software developers aren’t aware of the best practices of the industry. In fact, best practices obtainable in literature aren’t being used widely in software development.

Wrong motivations (SP)

The process enhancement initiatives are taken for wrong reasons like sometimes contractor is demanding achievement of CMM or occasionally senior management is directing the organization to achieve CMM without a clear explanation why improvement was needed and its benefits.

Insufficient commitments (SP)

The software enhancement fails due to a lack of true commitment. Management sets no outlook from the development community regarding process improvement.


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