Computer operation and instruction

The computer is one of the most useful machines invented by man. Modern life just cannot be imagined without computers. look around yourself and you will know how indispensable computers are. Basic simple Computer operation and instruction important are very important for a computer.

A computer does nothing without instruction. As a matter of fact, if you do not install or load any instructions (software) in a newly bought computer, it will do nothing. Similarly, if you remove all the software installed on a computer it will do no useful work for you. Also, it does not perform the basic operation of a computer. When you switch on such a computer (without any software installed) some messages appear on the screen before it comes to a halt.

Computer instructions are stored at various locations on the computer. Some instructions are embedded into the hardware called Firmware. For instance, the program(s) stored in the memory (ROM) of your computer is the firmware. The last program of the firmware loads memory (RAM) with further instructions from some secondary storage devices.

A Computer without any software loaded represented below:

Computer without any software loaded represented and Basic simple Computer operation and instruction important

POS is a program that checks the correctness of various devices. It also checks the memory. BIOS contains routines for low-level input/output activities.

Note that the RAM is empty. There is no software on it. After all the instructions of the ROM have been executed there is nothing left for further execution. The software must be loaded into RAM for further operation. Bootstrap is the firmware program that loads the RAM with software from secondary storage devices. It can be a hard disk, CD-ROM, or even Pendrive.

The first software that is loaded into the RAM is Operating System Software. The process of loading the RAM with the Operating System is called Booting. Modern computer systems boot automatically if the Operating System is properly installed on them.

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