Introduction to Operating System

Here you find an introduction to the Operating System and some of there popular OS that is available nowadays in markets like OS on personal computers and PDAs and also used in the mainframe computers. Let’s start with the introduction,

Introduction to OS

Operating System or OS is the most important system program. It makes the computer operational, hence the name. Without OS you cannot use the computer. OS runs all the time on your computer and stops only when you switch it off.

Just as bootstrap loads and executes OS. the OS loads and executes user (you’re) programs when commanded to do so.

OS with some loaded instruction in Introduction to Operating System and some popular OS by techalmirah

Therefore, once the OS is up and running you can go on executing all your programs as and when you desire. However, if the OS is down and not running you cannot run your programs whatsoever.

Popular Operating System available

Many popular Operating Systems are available today in the market. Some of them are mentioned ahead.

  • OS for Personal Computers: Microsoft Corporation has created a number of OS such as DOS and many versions of Windows (Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7). Mac OS or Macintosh OS developed by Apple Computers are very popular among graphics designers. Recently, LINUX has become a very popular OS. Google has launched Chrome OS which is supposed to be very good for Internet Applications. To Know about Personal computer OS click here.
  • OS for Minicomputers and Mainframes: IBM’s OS/2, OS/400, OS/360; BellLaboratory’s UNIX; Digital Equipment Corporation’s VAX and VMS; and Sun Microsystem’s Solaris are some of the notable OS for large computers.
  • OS for PDA and Mobile Phones: BlackBerry OS, Qtopia, iPhone OS, JavaFX Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and Windows CE are some of the notable operating systems available today for smartphones and PDAs.

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