Virus and AntiVirus

virus and antivirus are the two different accept of software fields some companies make antivirus to make the system secured by malware and virus. And the virus is also developed by companies or by an individual to harm the system. So let’s see what is virus and antivirus one by one.

virus vs antivirus

Virus vs antivirus

A virus is a software that infects a computer. It modifies other programs by placing a copy of itself inside them. A virus is harmful in nature.

The acronym, VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

After the virus code is written, it is buried within an existing program. Once that program is executed, the virus code is activated and attaches the copies of itself to other programs in the system. Infected programs copy the virus to other programs and thus it spreads.

Symptom of virus

The following are the symptoms of a virus-attacked computer:

  • Programs take a longer time to load into memory.
  • The file size will be increased due to the attachment of the virus.
  • We can notice a changed date against the filename due to the modification done by the virus in that file.
  • The floppy disk or hard disk is suddenly accessed without any logical reason.
  • Strange characters appear in the directory listing of the file names.
  • Strange error messages appear on the display screen.
  • Strange graphic or bouncing ball appears on the screen.


Anti -Virus software is a program that either comes installed on your computer or when you purchase and do the installation. It helps protect your computer against most viruses such as Worm, Trojan horse, etc.

Some of the Anti-Virus software that is used to detect and remove the viruses are:

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