Why should I learn the C language?

Most of you thing C is outdated language, here is a reason “Why should I learn the C language?”.

An opinion that is often heard today is- “C has been already superseded by languages like C++, C#, and Java so why bother to learn C today “. I seriously beg to differ with this opinion. There are several reasons for this.

Some of these are:-

  • It is easy and fast to understand the C programming language for the beginners.
  • c++, c#, and Java uses the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to organize the program. On the other hand c language uses Procedural Oriented Programming concept to organize the Program. And every one knows POP is easy to learn for beginners.
  • Major Part of Popular operating Systems like Windows, UNIX, LINUX and Android are written in C Programming Language.
  • Microprocessor operating system and embedded programs are written in c. These programs not only have to run fast but also work in limited amount of memory.
  • Many popular gaming frameworks (like Direct X) have been built using C programming language.
  • C language is close to hardware compare to other programming languages.

I hope now you should know the answer of the question “Why should I learn the C language?”.