Introduction to C programming language

Here is a brief Introduction to C programming language, with a simple first C program of every programmer.

Brief C programming language Introduction:-

C is a programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of the USA in 1972. It was designed and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie.

C is a computer programming language. That means that you can use C to create lists of instructions for a computer to follow.

C is one of the thousands of programming languages currently in use. C has been around for several decades and has won widespread acceptance because it gives programmers maximum control and efficiency.

C is an easy language to learn. It is a bit more cryptic in its style than some other languages, but you get beyond that fairly quickly. Possibly why C seems so popular is because it is reliable, simple, and easy to use.

Moreover, in an industry where newer languages, tools, and technologies emerge and vanish day in and day out, a language that has survived for more than 3 decades has to be really good.

Basic C Program:-

Q: Program to print Hello World in c language.

Source Code:

//"Hello world" program in c
#include <stdio.h>
int main(){

    //print hello world statement by printf function
    printf("Hello world");
    return 0;



Hello world