Importance and uses of Data Structures

The data structure is important in the field of technology. So here you find the importance and uses of data structures. So let’s start fastly without any interruption.

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What is data structure?

The logical or mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called a data structure. The data structure is a way of storing and accessing the data into an acceptable form for computers. So that a large number of data is processed in a small interval of time. In a simple way, we say that storing the data into computer memory is called a data structure.

Types of data structure?

We know that data may be organized in many different ways, the logical & mathematical organization of data is called a data structure. When we apply this data structure it comes up with the implementation of stack, queue, list, trees, sorting, and searching of data.

Stack: In the computer, if any expression is to be calculated, it is calculated by using stack. For example any expression like a+b-c/e or (a+b)/e-f%g, etc.

stack data structures importance uses

Queue: Implementation of the queue is also an important application of data structure. Nowadays computer handles multiuser, multiprogramming environment. In this environment a system(computer) handles several jobs at a time, to handle these jobs the concept of a queue is used.

queue data structures importance uses

Link List: In computer science several times we face a situation, Where we have to insert and delete items from any position that time the concept of a link list is used.

linked list data structures importance uses

Tree: It stores data in a hierarchical fashion. In windows, all the directories are stored using the concept of trees.

tree data structures importance uses

Importance of Data Structure

In computer science, the Importance of data structure is everywhere. Data structure provides basic stuff to resolve problems. Its importance can be understood by the following:

1) A software has two parts front end and back end. The front end provides an interface and the back end is called a database which contains records of customers. There can be million or trillion of customers. If we have to find out the record of a particular or a number of customers, it is done by a searching method which is an operation on the data structure.

2) If any software is to be run, at first it is fed into computer memory. In computer memory jobs are entered into queues. And the queue is also a concept of data structure.

3) As we know when jobs and processes are entered then queues are formed. These queues can have too many jobs or processes. In queues, jobs are processed in the same order as they entered. If any job is created it is placed at the end of a queue. Suppose we have to add or delete any job in any order then the concept of the queue will be failed and the concept of link list will be used.

4) If any data is to be stored in a hierarchical fashion then the concept of tree is used.

5) If data is to be arranged alphabetically or numerically then it is done by sorting method which is an operation on the data structure.

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