Types of Operating Systems

Operating systems are supposed to perform varied tasks. Several operating systems have been developed for different purposes. So here are the different types of Operating Systems.

Operating System or OS is the most important system program. It makes the computer operational, hence the name. Without OS you cannot use the computer. OS runs all the time on your computer and stops only when you switch it off. To read more about the operating system in detail click here.

The operating systems are categories in different types on the basis of there work and sizes and performances. Nowadays for every system, there is a need for operating systems to perform different types of tasks in the system. systems like mobile, laptop, computer, watch, television, AC, Oven, refrigerator, etc.

Multiprogramming OS: This type of OS allows more than one program to run simultaneously.

Multitasking OS: A single program can be broken into many simpler tasks-called processes or threads. This type of OS allows many processes of a single program to run simultaneously.

Multiprocessing OS: A computer may have many CPUs. This type of OS manages multiple CPUs on a computer.

Multi-user OS: This type of OS allows many users to work on a single computer through terminals. Hundreds and even thousands of users can work simultaneously on such systems.

Real-time OS: This type of OS responds to the user commands very quickly. Such OS is essential in computer-controlled equipment like satellites, autopilot, etc.

Distributed OS: This type of OS makes many networked computers work as a single large computer.

Embedded OS: This type of OS is designed for small machines like PDAs. They are permanently stored in the hardware. Therefore, they are very small in size and very efficient in operation.

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